The Human Experience

The human experience doesn’t exist in furniture or architecture solutions alone. It carefully considers existing behaviors and practices—what is and isn’t working—and aligns people, place, and process in order to drive desired behaviors and performance. Our human centric solutions ensures that your future environments are places where your employees thrive.


A Tailored Approach

At Newmark, we are focused on helping you dynamically align your organization’s work environment with the way you need to work. We help you create work environments that attract and retain talent, drive employee engagement, enhance workplace effectiveness, optimize space efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

Our approach to Workplace Strategy does not start with a design solution but establishes a common and thoughtful core strategy that will drive and intelligently inform designs that are geared specifically towards your staff, functions, and your firm culture.


A Diagnostic Analysis

We leverage a blend of quantitative and qualitative methods in order to conduct a deep-dive analysis of your organization that effectuate:

     → business strategy

     → human capital investment

     → technology

     → culture & firm branding

     → space utilization